Full-Service, On-Site Pharmacy

Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company provides integrated pharmacy services that improve the lives of the consumers we serve and ease the workload of those that serve them. The pharmacy and pharmacist are available on-site for your staff and consumers, to provide the best possible service. They are integrated into your care team to provide a higher level of service improving medication adherence. Not one of our pharmacies is the same; we tailor our services to your center.

Our on-site pharmacy model is available to behavioral health centers or larger consolidated facilities with three or more full-time, on-site prescribers. On-site pharmacies can support and complement any primary healthcare initiatives within your center. Operating hours coincide with your center hours and staffing is based on prescription volume. The on-site pharmacy gives your consumers the option to fill all their medications, including from primary care or outside prescribers, in the privacy and convenience of the center and gives your staff members peace of mind, knowing a consumer's prescriptions were filled.

To learn more, contact us at genoa_info@genoa-qol.com or (866) 763-2250 today!