You are our heroes

At Genoa, we are committed to hiring U.S. military veterans and their family members. We value the leadership, discipline, teamwork and integrity that those who serve in our military have learned and can bring to our organization.

John Figueroa Current
John Figueroa Ranger

At Genoa, you will join a company like no other, with a clear mission to make a difference and a level of comradery you will not experience anywhere else. As a veteran myself, I can honestly say, Genoa’s values make an impact and so do our veteran team members.

John Figueroa CEO, Genoa Healthcare, former Captain, U.S. Army Ranger

More than a job

At Genoa, we understand that what many people with mental illness or addiction want most is to be visible. To be seen as a person, not a patient. To tell their stories. To matter.

We are proud to help people with complex conditions get the medicines they need to feel better – or sometimes just to get through the day. We are their voice, their partner.  We walk beside them, listening, caring, supporting.

We believe that we can make a difference – that this is more than just a job. That what we do is more than just provide medicine. 

We change lives for the better. And on the best of days, we help people get their lives back.

Integrity, loyalty, honor, teamwork, and respect are only a few of the core values of our Armed Forces. Genoa is one of those organizations that exemplifies these traits and is committed to creating a culture sensitive to the needs of the veteran’s community. I am proud to be a part of a company of people who demonstrate selfless service each and every day, which is the bedrock of our military branches.

Angela Walsh Site Manager, Genoa Healthcare, Former Sergeant, U.S. Army Reserve
Angela Walsh Current
Angela Walsh Military

Opportunities for veterans

We are hiring nationally and current opportunities include:

  • Pharmacists
  • Technicians
  • Drivers
  • Administrative roles

As a veteran, we will carefully review your application and consider how your military experience applies to roles at Genoa. We know veterans are some of our most committed and talented team members and will match your skills to our current opportunities.


We offer:

  • Competitive pay and benefits, including 401(k)
  • Military leave policy
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition reimbursement supporting veterans
  • Professional development and advancement opportunities

We work with numerous service organizations to support veterans and their families and we are proud of these partnerships.

Genoa Internal Veterans Network

Join our Genoa family and you will be invited to join the Genoa Internal Veterans Network (GIVN), a new and growing support and resource group. CEO John Figueroa is personally committed to expanding GIVN and dedicates time to shaping the network and engaging our veteran employees and their families.

Since my first day at Genoa, I have felt welcomed and humbled by the support everyone has given me for my service to our country. I see myself as a member of the Genoa family for many years to come, with the most influential reason being the open welcome received by all members of this great organization.

Kris Hayes Current
Kris Hayes Military
Michael Walters Current

It is our mission to serve others that makes our company so attractive to military veterans. We actively recruit veterans and have developed a unique program to ensure our veteran employees’ success.

Michael Walters Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Genoa Healthcare

If you are interested in learning more about Genoa's GIVN program, please contact John O'Connor, program manager, veteran affairs, at

Additional resources

MyAdvisor offers veterans and their families no-cost, professional, confidential support to help with:

  • Individual and family needs
  • Transitions
  • Personal and career goals

Other benefits at Genoa for veterans or those in the Reserves or National Guard include:

  • Return to work assurances, if you are called to service
  • Ability to use vacation pay for military-related absences
  • Approved leaves for annual training
  • Wage support for those on active duty

Join our team

As a veteran, we hope you will join our team. Search and apply for jobs here.

To find out more about Genoa’s commitment to U.S. military veterans, or to apply, contact our recruiting team at

Professional tips and tools

Returning to civilian life can feel daunting. However, many excellent resources are available to assist you with your job search.

You can find information about resume development, personal branding, interviewing skills, military spouse employment, and more at one of our partner organizations Hiring our Heroes.